If you or your partner are pregnant and have a hard time seeing how you can parent at this time, consider creating an adoption plan for your child. As a parent, it can be the most loving choice you make.

Statistically, adopted children raised in a loving home by a happily-married couple grow to be as successful, happy and healthy as those raised by biological parents under the same circumstances. Many couples are wanting to adopt and would love the opportunity to raise a child in a happy home.

ZoeCare works closely with Lutheran Social Services in the Gallatin Valley. Give them a call to setup an appointment so they can answer all your questions. Or talk with us and we can walk you through your next steps. There are many ways you can be involved in your child's life even after the adoption plan is finalized.

As a parent, consider how you can be the best parent. Adoption may be the most loving choice.

Call to schedule a pregnancy test/ultrasound appointment or to speak with a ZoeCare nurse if you have questions.